Lazy weekend look w/ Dinah From Vibe International

Lately, I've been doing alot of natural light images - maybe it's the time of year and I'm just happy to see the light again after a long winter, haha - but sometimes I really enjoy just picking up the camera and just create stuff without dealing with lamps and stands. For these I just asked Dinah to slip on an oversized, soft cotton-shirt from Free People and white lace hipsters from Victoria's Secret. I think the soft and muted blues in the shirt accents her eyes in a beautiful way, and I wanted to keep these images very natural looking, so there's no skin-retouch or edits here, except for some very minor brightness & color adjustments. I think Dinah looks absolutely gorgeous in these images, what do you think ?

Wish everyone a wonderful and sunny weekend - I'll even share an amazing weekend soundtrack with you as well. Chris Whitley was one of my absolute favorite artists, here's a fantastic track called "From A Photograph" -  enjoy ☀️


Dinah's Instagram - My Instagram - Free People Instagram - Victoria's Secret Instagram

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