Vintage & Timeless Beauty With Louise

Sometimes it just feels so good, both creatively and emotionally - to take a little dive back in your own catalog to retrace your steps a little. These images of Louise were taken like a year and half or so into my little photography-adventure - and I was so proud of these. You always remember the first couple of shoots and models that made you feel like "real" photographer. I can still remember gathering every visitor I had around my Mac and go "isn't she absolutely fabulous!".

The styling is 100% Louise's own and the clothes are from her own vintage collection.

In my eyes, Louise basically made these images all on her own - there's no extravaganza, no fancy lighting, no theme, no directions - just the way she conveys strength, sadness and vulnerability.  I was simply lucky to be there and capture her at this moment in time.

I decided to dig out the old raw-files and give them a proper 2018 treatment - and it made me feel so good to see them again. What do you think ?

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